Vacancies in Mysore Minerals Limited

Mysore Minerals Limited (MML) has been a dynamic player in the Mining field and has been responsible for the efficient harnessing of this resources.

MML has been involved in the Mining Business since 1966 and today is a recognized name in the industry with high competent and scientific methods to its credit. Capitalizing on this natural resource of Karnataka and acting as an agent of the Government has made MML a vital link in the Local as well as Global trade relations.

Karnataka has been blessed with vast deposits of granite. Heritage sites like Hampi and Shravanabelagola are living testimonies of the awe-inspiring effect of this stone. Granite is widely available in the state and lends its beauty to structures not just within the country but outside as well.
The earlier Notification issued vide No.MML/PER/130/APPOINTMENT/

15 Dated 06.05.2014 stands withdrawn. Afresh notification is
hereby issued, inviting applications from the eligible candidates, for the below mentioned posts