117 Child Development Project Officer Vacancies in Tamil Nadu PSC
Applications are invited only from woman candidates through online mode upto 28.11.2014 for Direct Recruitment to the post of Child Development Project Officer in the Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme.
A.The Rule of reservation of appointment is applicable to this post.
B.In G.O. Ms. No. 145, Personnel and Administrative Reforms (S) Department, dated 30.09.2010, the Government have issued orders to fill up 20% of all vacancies in direct recruitment on preferential basis to persons studied the above prescribed qualification in Tamil Medium. The 20% reservation of vacancies on preferential allotment to Persons Studied in Tamil Medium (PSTM) will apply for this recruitment. The turns for PSTM has been ordered in G.O. Ms. No. 40, Personnel and Administrative Reforms (S) Department, dated 30.04.2014. (Candidates claiming this reservation should have studied the above prescribed qualification for the post in Tamil Medium and should have the certificate for the same. Having written the examinations in Tamil language alone will not qualify for claiming this reservation). If the candidates with PSTM are not available for selection for appointment against reserved turn such turn shall be filled up byNon-PSTM candidates but belonging to the respective communal category.
Regarding the PSTM reservation certificate shall be produced / uploaded by the candidate as it has been in prescribed format / proforma available in the Commission’s website at ‘www.tnpsc.gov.in’ which may be obtained from the Head of the Institution or Registrar.
(For further details refer para. 27 (19) of the ‘Instructions to candidates’).
C.The number of vacancies advertised is only approximate and is liable for modification including reduction with reference to vacancy position at any time before finalisation of selection.
D.Woman candidates alone are eligible for this post.